Good Parenting is F***ing Exhausting


And it never ends. Never. Pulled in so many directions from sun up until, well, the next sun up. Every. Single. Day. We give our best and all we can. It’s exhausting because it’s hard work.

We don’t have to justify this with how much we love our kids or what blessings we have. That’s a given. We all know this. Yes we wanted this. It’s still hard and it’s ok to say so.

I’ll be over here dreaming of getaways that are adult only where I can stay naked, eat food I don’t have to share, watch a whole season of a Netflix show uninterrupted and only Netflix will judge me, have amazing sex anytime I want as loud as I want, and sleep…just sleep.

One day. Until then, solidarity friends.

#honestmotherhood #netflixandchill #orgasmwithoutfear #whywehavesixkids

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