Tag – The Newest Exercise Craze for Parents Sweeping the Nation by Storm!

Why go to the health club and get on a treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical trainer, or a tiny track circling the weight room when you can take the kids to the park and wear out both their asses and yours in one fell swoop!

Introducing “Tag,” the classic game of “Catch me if you can!” that is sure to tucker out those whiny, endlessly-questioning rugrats of yours while literally melting the fat off your body! Say bye-bye to that spare tire and hello to a new set of abs in no time with Tag!*

Here’s how it works: Take your kids to the nearest park with an open field, tell them you’re “It,” and watch them run and scream as you chug along after them!** No fancy membership paperwork to sign, no key fob to painfully slide onto your keychain, no headbands or wristbands to buy to fit in! Just Tag!

For an added bonus, take off your shoes and join the barefoot movement during Tag! Not only will you exercise the dozens of muscles in your feet***, you’ll be one with your inner caveman or cavewoman by chasing your kids the way your primal ancestors chased that night’s dinner!**** What a value!

So don’t miss out on the newest craze to sweep the nation, play Tag!***** 

*Restrictions may apply.

**Your mileage may vary.

***May incur damage from use or misuse. 

****Dinner may be subject to applicable fees and taxes.

*****Terms and conditions may apply. 




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