Origins and Why’s

On this intro episode we discuss the origins of Birth Without Fear et al., how we met, how we started dating, and how we got engaged, along with some laughs along the way!

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Our online store Self Love Generation is back open! Our classic Birth Without Fear logo, “i don’t babysit. I PARENT.”, and “You Do You Boo” unicorn T-shirts are back, along with a re-imagining of our popular “Team NO Sleep” raglan shirt, as well as a “You Do You Boo” rainbow unicorn lanyard that Brandon loves!


Join January in 2017 at a Find Your Village event near you! She will be in Portland, ME on August 5th, and Brandon will join January in San Diego, CA on August 19th!


  • Carien Moller

    Would love you to talk about how to deal with faith change in a partner in marriage after birth, and loosing the fact that you wanted more kids.
    This has been very hard to deal with for me! And I’m not getting younger or my problems don’t get less.

  • Stephanie Furman

    I love where you mentioned your fourth birth was a healing birth and then explained your thought on why you felt that birth was so different than your others. This is so relatable to my two pregnancies and deliveries.

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