Social Media Boundaries: I am NOT Your Punching Bag!

Please read this. I’ve had too many people recently tell me in the same breath or sentence that they have benefited from all that I’ve given (freely) and then in the same breathe criticize and insult me. 

The truth is, this hurts me deeply. I’ve come to a place of acceptance in not caring what others think of me and how I live my life, but I still care and hurt when people are cruel to me. People I’ve helped. I am human. I am flawed. But I am good. I am enough. I deserve love, forgiveness and understanding too. 

Lately I have been open about not being OK and this is (one) part of that. Even still I am receiving requests from people wanting/needing more for me, criticisms, and even downright hate. It’s not OK. 

If you want to be in my space you must willing to give me the same support, grace, and love that I give you. If you are not in a place where you can do that, please quietly remove yourself and return when you can. 

I’m working my way back to a place of positivity and strength. Healthier boundaries too. I am going to allow love to be my filter. I will no longer tolerate anybody’s negativity or taking a cranky toddler, sleepless nights, or bad day out on me. I am in the trenches with you but I am not your emotional punching bag in the trench. 

To those that have hurt me (or will) in this way I forgive you but you’re not welcome in my space. Take the time and use your energy to work on yourself because I won’t take that on for you. I will hold your hand and you can hold mine, but we all need to put ourselves first, me included. 

I considered not posting this but to keep doing what I do, it’s necessary. It’s also transparent and authentic and I value both. 

With this you’ll see me taking action with my #loveismyfilter campaign and #30dayspositivity because damn do I need it. I think we all can use more of both #love and #positivity

Thank you for reading this friends.

– January.

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