What Do You Choose Today?

In between events is life. Family, bills, homeschooling, health, and a million other things. As my husband and I sat across from each other after he picked me up at the airport Monday, we felt tired and overwhelmed, like most humans.

What. Is. The. Point. of all this if we are stress and worried and overwhelmed? We need to LIVE. We need to grab as many moments we can to make as many memories as possible.

I told him he married me because of my spontaneity and throw-caution-to-the-wind attitude…I miss that girl and I’m inviting her back to this party. I pointed to my tattoos that say ‘don’t forget to have a good time’ and ‘slow down’ and I then booked us an Airbnb for a few days.

It’s easy to become creatures of habit and do and even buy the same things over and over again. BORING! I am shaking things up. Even grocery shopping… everything I’ve bought and made this week has been fresh and new for us. Staying up late and watching the voice as a family, lazy mornings, running around in the backyard (we live in an apartment), day baths, and working around our family instead of our family around the work.

No one will do this for us, no one will save us, it’s not anyone’s job to please us… we have to make ourselves happy. It’s a personal decision (every day). What do you choose today?


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