Our Children Are Gifts

NO filter or editing or deleting of this pic and here’s why: She woke me up with hats, compliments, and conversation. I love the imperfections though. Her shirt is on inside out, neither of our hair brushed, the little ‘toddler’ bump on her head, mascara smudge under my eyes to compliment my still-waking-up-swollen face. ☕️ And definitely pre-coffee. 

It’s beautiful because it’s LIFE. 🌿 It’s waking up together. It’s unconditional love. It means we’re alive, have a home, the ability to walk, speak, move, play, heal, hug, and think. 

A picture I would have criticized years ago, I can now see that it represents the beauty of this particular moment in my life instead of needing and waiting for hindsight to see it. I can’t even imagine the enormous joy and nostalgia this picture will bring me in years to come and that is a gift. 

Our children are gifts. You are a gift. Be in the moment, in the pictures, and stop thinking you need to stage and edit your beautiful self and life. 💗 #loveismyfilter #30dayspositivity #selflovegeneration

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