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About The Harshēs

January & Brandon Harshe (pronounced har-shē) used to sleep. When they started dating at 19. They still slept when they got married at 22. Sleep ended when they had their first child at 24. Six kids and a world of experience later, January and Brandon have heard that sleep is rad but can’t quite remember for themselves.  

Once in a while when they don’t have to figure out breakfast, or second breakfast, or elevensies, or brunch, or lunch, or afternoon snack, or dinner, or second dinner for the kids, they like to do fun things. January likes to eat yummy vegan food and read steamy romance novels. Brandon enjoys playing the guitar, writing, and drawing.

Sometimes, after the kids have eaten the last of their 17 daily meals and have gone to bed, January and Brandon will try to watch a show or movie, but they’re usually too exhausted.